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Supply Command HQ is a Senior Specialist Staff Officer (SSSO) HQ for Supply matters. The primary role of HQ Supply is to plan, command and provide supply support and solution to Army & Joints units during peacetime and war. Reporting directly to the Chief Supply Officer (CSPO) are two Supply Hubs (East & West), which comprises Asset Readiness Section and Ops & Planning Section. The hubs manage Asset Management Teams (AMT), Logistic Service Liaison Teams (LSLT) and F&B Managers in Cookhouses. Both Supply Hubs has played an equally important role in supplying and sustaining the SAF in terms of food, supplies and manpower.

Supply supports Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Ground Logistics requirement, leveraging on the common material, land transport & related maintenance resources that lies in CSSCOM to derive potential ops cost saving. In addition, Supply is responsible for equipping of our soldiers from intake equipping to kit replacement via retail at 34 Army eMarts. Supply also took on the additional role of Facilities Management and Camp Maintenance to provide oversight and ensure business continuity of our camps.

Supply is responsible for the feeding of our soldiers from the daily cookhouse operations, both in-country and at the OTCs, feeding for major events such as NDP, Field Ration development and production as well as governing food safety, ration policies, dietary reviews and nutrition enhancements. Lastly, Supply also manages warehousing at Army Logistics Base (ALB), which is the one-stop warehousing to equip Army, SAF and national needs.

Supply began the consolidation effort for mechanised cluster in Sungei Gedong Camp with 42 SAR as the first unit to undergo the transformation as part of the pilot implementation. This will see 42 SAR’s Battalion stores being consolidated under CCO Sungei Gedong (CCO SGC) and have her logistics supported by Ops-Tagged QM Platoon under CCO SGC. This effort will enable active units and training institutes to focus on ops readiness and training outcome, while the Army supply system will be responsible for equipping and sustainment from peace to operations as well as the pursuit of peacetime administrative excellence. The pilot centralisation effort will also help stage Supply Formation for future transformation as valuable lessons and Standing Operation Procedures will be registered and promulgated for the rest of the Supply Bases in near future.

Our Vocation

The Supply formation commands, plans and provides logistics support across the full spectrum of operations.

Supply assistants are trained to plan and implement the transportation of goods, equipment, and services. Supply vocationalist plays an important role in ensuring logistical support is promptly and readily available for all SAF missions, allowing other formations to concentrate on their mission objectives. Supply vocationalist serve as the custodian of the SAF’s inventory, and manage and account for all our capabilities and equipment.

Military Equipment

Before 1990, 4 logistics formations, namely Supply, Transport, Maintenance and GS Command were under command and control of G4 Army, MINDEF. In 1990, the Supply and Transport Services were integrated to become Supply and Transport Formation and came under the command of HQ Army Logistics Command (HQ ALCOM). 

A reorganisation of the logistics formation was carried out in 1994 in which HQ ALCOM was declared defunct whilst HQ Supply & Transport (HQ S&T) was established. 

On 1 October 2006, due to the vast growth in strength and expansion of HQ S&T, the decision was made to separate HQ S&T into Supply Formation and Transport Formation. This is to allow both Formations to better enhance their peacetime and operational capabilities and attain their fullest potential. Supply Formation consists HQ Supply and 2 Supply Hubs, Supply Hub (East) and Supply Hub (West). 

From 1 February 2007, the management of the Messing Supervisors and the Army Cookhouses came under the command of HQ Supply. As a solution to what was a decentralised management system that resulted in a lack of attention on their training and development, the new management allowed a more concerted effort to re-skill our Messing Supervisors, serving our Army better.

Pillar of Confidence
You will develop competencies in equipping, inventory management, feeding, procurement, estate management and contract management. You will also have the opportunity to work with a wide array of people from all Services and Industries both locally and overseas.