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Singapore Combat Engineers
Advance and Overcome

The Combat Engineers are highly versatile and skilled professionals capable of employing state-of-the-art machinery to deliver responsive engineer support to the army. The combat Engineers is an indispensable force in the battlefield because we provide our Army with mobility, counter-mobility and survivability advantage to overcome the enemy.


When the Army needs to go, Combat Engineers are there first paving the way for the rest of the Army. We convert the “NO GO” terrain to “GO” Terrain by bridging gaps and clearing minefields to facilitate speedy advance of our forces into the enemy’s depth to secure a swift and decisive victory.

We are also capable of converting the “GO” terrain to “NO GO” terrain by constructing obstacles such as minefields and anti-tank ditches to impede the enemy’s movement

With our earth moving capabilities, we construct trenches, drainage systems and other related infrastructure to enhance the survivability of our troops during operation

Our Vocation

Field Engineers
The Field Engineers provide mobility, counter-mobility and survivability support to the Brigades and Divisions.

Bridging Engineers
The Bridging Engineers play the pivotal role in defence of Singapore by providing bridging support to the main force, allowing swift and decisive control of the terrain across the battle field.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineers
The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Engineers perform the critical role to respond to any explosive ordnance, and to perform security sweep for key national events.

Armoured Engineers
The Armoured Engineers operate at the speed of Armour operations with the precision in details of Combat Engineers. They support the Army in full spectrum of operations and operate a fleet of operationally ready Armoured Engineer equipment.

Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence (CBRD) Engineers
The Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence Engineers perform the critical role to respond to any CBR hazards, and to provide CBR coverage for key national events.

Military Equipment

After the institution of the SAF in 1965, the Engineer Training Wing (ETW) was established in early 1967 at SAFTI, Pasir Laba Camp. In July 1967, the first two officers from the First Infantry Officer Cadet Course attend the Basic Engineer Officer Course in US Army Engineer School, returning home to build the foundation of the Engineers. As the Formation grew, the Engineers HQ was established in 1970 to serve as a centralised command, and was renamed the Headquarters SIngapore Combat Engineers (HQ SCE) three years later in 1973.

The Singapore Combat Engineers (SCE) was deployed in significant operations and missions throughout the years:

1974: Laju Hijack
Singapore’s first encounter with international terrorism where SCE was activated to neutralise improvised explosive devices.

1975: Operation THUNDERSTORM
SCE was activated to neutralise threats by ferrying Commandos to the Vietnamese boats that sailed into Singapore waters, and defusing the on board explosives.

1978: Bangladesh Bomb Disposal Assistance
SCE assisted in the disposal of a large ordnance unearthed within an industrial park which was later identified as an unexploded 500-pound aerial bomb.

1986: Hotel New World Disaster
SCE dispatched the earth-moving machines to aid in the rescue of people during the collapse of Hotel New World.

1990: UNIKOM
SCE participated in a UN Mission, forming an observer group of the United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission.

1991: Hijack of SQ 117
SCE assisted in identifying explosive devices and rendering the aircraft free of explosives during the rescue.

2004: Operation FLYING EAGLE
SCE carried out disaster relief operations by clearing debris and establishing landing points for equipment and supplies during the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami in Sumatra.

2007: Operation BLUE RIDGE
Spanning 2007 to 2013, SCE was activated to provide humanitarian aid to war-torn Afghanistan by building infrastructures and training of the Afghan National Security Forces.

2009: Operation SWIFT LION
SCE carried out relief operations during the earthquake in Sumatra, constructing temporary clinics. In 2011, SCE was once again activated for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief after the earthquake in Christchurch.

Apart from being involved in numerous operations, the SCE also organised its first National Day Parade (NDP) during the nation’s Silver Jubilee in 1991 as well as subsequent NDPs in 1996, 2007, 2011 and 2017.

The Singapore Combat Engineers has a rich history of progress and development. The Singapore Combat Engineers has specialized units capable of providing Combat Engineering Combat solutions to support the full spectrum of operations in the SAF.

Advance and Overcome!

Advance and Overcome
You will overcome obstacles in the path of our advancing forces to grant them the freedom of movement and manoeuvre, while slowing down the enemy by laying minefields, setting traps and demolishing bridges. In addition, you are also trained to provide infrastructure support, such as constructing trenches, erecting command posts and clearing ground for field bases to be set up. As a Combat Engineer, you will pave the way to victory for our forces.