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SAF Military Police Command
Pride, Discipline, Honour


SAF Military Police Command upholds and enforces military law, order and discipline in the Singapore Armed Forces during peacetime and war. The formation carries out policing and security operations, as well as ceremonial functions for both MINDEF and the State.

As guardians of military law and discipline, the Military Police, Security Troopers and Protection of Installation Troopers are dedicated to uphold the SAF's professional image and strive to inspire pride in the military. They safeguard key military installations round the clock, provide protection for vital camps and bases, and perform security operations and ceremonial tasks for national events.

Our Vocation

Military Police Enforcement Unit

The main enforcement arm of SAF MP Command, MPEU is comprised of three companies: the Law Enforcement and Ceremonial Ceremony, the Support Company and the Military Working Dog Unit.

Military Police from the Law Enforcement and Ceremonial Company (LECC) routinely conduct enforcement spot checks in SAF camps, bases, vessels, and on servicemen returning from overseas deployment. They are also trained to conduct Anti-Riot Operations in SAF camps and SAF Detention Barracks. Military Police from the Support Company conduct patrols as part of the Traffic Platoon to enforce traffic regulations for military vehicles and drivers as part of the Traffic Platoon, or launch Deserter Operations as part of the Security Operations Detachment to arrest servicemen who have gone AWOL or deserted the SAF as part of the Security Operations Detachment. The Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU) supports a wide range of enforcement operations with specially trained Sniffer and Guard dogs.

8 SIR is committed to the protection of all SAF camps, bases and military installations around the island.  The unit ensures that Security Troopers are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that enable them to be professional, competent, and committed while executing security operations. The unit also provides a Tier Two response force to reinforce camps and bases, strengthening baseline security.

9 SIR soldiers are trained to be highly competent in Protection of Installations (POI). The battalion is dedicated to the protection of Civilian and Military Installations, including Key Installations (KINs) such as Changi Airport, Sembawang Wharves and Jurong Island. 

Gombak Base
Military Police deployed at Gombak Base conduct Key Installations (KINs) security operations to ensure uninterrupted operations in the MINDEF Complex. The unit also provides quality administration, logistics and facilities management support to all departments in the complex.

The Special Security and Protection (SSP) platoon is an elite, highly trained group of Military Police who provide close protection cover for key appointment holders in MINDEF and the SAF.


SAF Band
The SAF Band represents the musical arm of the SAF. It plays a vital role in ceremonial parades and provides musical support for events such as the National Day Parade, SAF Day Parade as well as Change of Command and Commissioning Parades. It also represents the SAF on the global stage, through its participation in international military tattoos.

Military Police from the Presidential Guards platoon mount the Guard of Honour (GOH) contingent for military and state events. They stand guard at the Istana 24/7 and mount the Change of Guards Ceremony on the first Sunday of every month. Highly skilled in silent precision drills, they have performed at the National Day Parade as well as in international military tattoos.

SAF Detention Barracks
As the only custodial facility for incarcerated military offenders, the SAF Detention Barracks (SAFDB) serves a twofold purpose: to provide a strong deterrent against unlawful behaviour as well as rehabilitating offenders and help them re-integrate with their units upon release. Military Police in SAFDB are comprehensively trained to perform their duties effectively. Besides physical skills such as Control and Restraint (C&R) Techniques, they are also taught soft skills such as interpersonal management skills.


Special Investigative Branch
The Special Investigation Branch (SIB) is the mandated agency for criminal investigation in MINDEF and the SAF. It is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has amassed considerable expertise across a spectrum of capabilities, including trace analysis, narcotics analysis, digital forensics and polygraph examination. SIB officers are thus well placed to investigate a wide range of criminal activities, including white collar and cybercrimes.

Military Equipment

On 26 August 1966, the SAF Provost Company formally launched operations at Beach Road Camp, where the first detention cells were situated.

In the 1970s, the SAF Provost, Dog and Operations Companies merged to form the SAF Provost Unit (SAFPU), based at Mowbray Camp on Ulu Pandan Road. The Security Branch was also established as a sub-unit. A few years later, Nee Soon Detention Barracks was established, and both Kranji and Changi Disciplinary Barracks were formalised. In August 1977, Kranji Disciplinary Barracks was converted to a Detention Barracks.

The SAF Provost Unit also participated in the UN Integrated Mission in Timor Leste from 1999 to 2002. They were tasked with providing security, medical and transport assistance in light of the unrest there.

On 1 September 2006, SAFPU was renamed SAF Military Police Command, and the newly renamed formation was officially inaugurated by-then Chief of Defence Force, LG Ng Yat Chung. Subsequently, SAF MP Command moved under the ambit of HQ 2 PDF and expanded to encompass the SAF Band, Gombak Base, 8 SIR and 9 SIR in 2011. Following this reorganisation, SAF MP Command now undertakes a wide spectrum of Policing, Security, and Ceremonial Operations in the SAF.

SAF MP Command will continue to draw strength and courage from our past, and use it to boldly envision the future and fulfil our duty. The vision of the SAF Military Police Command is to inspire Pride and Discipline in the SAF.

Guardians of Military Law and Discipline
You will maintain our standards of discipline and decorum by upholding Military Law. You will conduct anti-narcotics and contraband spot checks, military traffic enforcement, and military investigations. You will have the honour of participating in the ceremonial guard at national events. You will safeguard key decision-makers and facilities that are vital to our military prowess. By embodying the spirit of discipline and honour in Our Army, the men and women of SAF MP Command will ensure that all military personnel continue to exhibit the high standards of behaviour that the SAF is known for.