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SAF Ammunition Command
The Heart of SAF's Firepower

The SAF Ammunition Command provides the SAF with the latest ammunition, explosives supply chain management as well as technical support for ammunition that the SAF uses in operations and training.

Our Vision is to be among the best in the world in these domains in order to realise our motto of being ‘The Heart of SAF’s Firepower’ and ‘A Pillar of Confidence’.

Our Mission is to be an Expert on Ammunition Operations and Services, Delivering Safe and Quality Ammunition to the SAF.

Our Vocation

To generate and deliver safe and quality munitions to meet SAF’s operations timely through:
a) Maintenance of our explosives in order to ensure safety and serviceability;
b) Periodic Surveillance program to check for deterioration of ammunitions;
c) Ensuring a conducive environment for storage of munitions in explosive storehouse and fields.

We constantly incorporate Engineering, Operational Knowledge and Explosive Safety to Explore Smart Technologies to live up to the challenges.

We are also constantly optimising our resources such as reducing land usage to preserve SAF's stockpile.

We are also responsible for the support of Fireworks display for National Events such as NDP and SEA Games.

Military Equipment

The formation of the SAF Ammunition Command (SAFAC) was officially launched on 23 May 2006 at Rifle Range Camp to centralise ammunition command operations for the three services in the SAF. This allows the SAF to create a one-stop centre for all ammunition-related matters, enabling better utilisation of the SAF’s supply support service and achieve better operational synergy and resource optimisation across all three services.

SAFAC started off as the Weapon Ammunition and Optical Base (WAOB) at February 1967 in Mount Vernon Camp. The first ammunition company was formed as part of WAOB, which then later expanded to Ammunition Control Company. In late 1967, Pasir Laba Ammunition Depot was officially opened for storage of ammunition and explosive for the 3 services - Army, Air Force and Navy.

SAFAC has since progressed and was recognised for their achievement. In 1994, the SAF Ammunition Base became the first Army Unit to achieve the ISO 9002 certification.

As the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) progressed to the Third Generation SAF, the MDES Scheme was implemented to develop Military Experts (MEs) with deep specialisations to meet the complex demands in 2010.

In support of the next Gen SAF transformation, SAFAC is forging towards 3 focus areas; Stretching the defence dollar to reap higher productivity and cost saving; Assuring Safe and Quality munition through strategic partnership with users and defence industries, and Building a resilient munition system through deepening engineering expertise.

The Heart of SAF's Firepower
You will have the opportunity to become an expert in the latest ammunition and guided missiles technology. You will be entrusted to ensure the availability, safety and performance of a huge and diverse inventory of ammunition. Well-versed in the latest technologies and developments, you will be deeply involved in the redesigning and modification of Our Army's firepower. Furthermore, your research in explosive safety and risk management will help ensure the safety of our soldiers when handling ammunition.