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Excel to Serve


PERSCOM is the executive command for the SAF manpower operations and MINDEF/SAF shared services. In peacetime, PERSCOM serves as the SAF SSSO HQ for HR practitioners. It is responsible for the MINDEF/SAF HR business architecture, including the IT processes and works closely with HR policy-makers to deliver a tight HR policy execution interface.

Our Vocation

Administration Supervisor and Administration Support Assistant
To perform human resource administrative functions, which include office administration, documentation and records keeping.

To provide manpower operational support in a combat environment.


PERSCOM started with the aim to deliver high performing HR capability. In 2006, a team was formed to conceptualise future HR service delivery model. Two years later, an Admin Excellence Task Force was established to analyse the gaps in the administration across domains. Next, a HR Project Group, comprise of the HR practitioners from the tri-services, was set up to address gaps in the HR system and support implementation of HR transformation initiatives. In April 2011, PERSCOM was established to support SAF operational demands and to ensure effective HR policy implementation and service delivery.

Since its formation, PERSCOM has improved HR administration by focusing on end-to-end service delivery. Going forward, PERSCOM will continue to tighten policy implementation interface, improve HR & NS admin IT systems to support robust and responsive delivery of HR shared services, develop manpower operations and train HR practitioners to be future-ready in delivering the vision of “one-point, one-touch” quality HR service for MINDEF/SAF.