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Organisation Structure
Organisation Structure
  1. Chief of Army

      1. General Staff (Operations)

      2. General Staff (Development)

      3. Army Safety Inspectorate

      4. NS Affairs Department

      1. HQ Island Defence Task Force

      2. HQ Joint Task Force

      3. Special Operations Task Force

      1. 21 Div (AOR)

      2. 25 Div (AOR)

    1. TRADOC

    2. CSSCOM

Chief of Army Office
Chief of Army
BG Goh Si Hou
Chief of Staff - General Staff
BG Kenneth Liow
Sergeant Major of the Army
CWO Teo See Keong
General Staff
  • ACGS (Personnel)
    COL Tan Tiong Keat
  • ACGS (Intelligence)
    COL Edward Chen
  • ACGS (Operations)
    BG Ng Ying Thong
  • ACGS (Plans)
    COL Lee Yi-Jin
  • ACGS (Training)
    COL Chua Jin Kiat
  • Head NS Affairs Department
    COL Adrian Teng
  • Head Army Safety Inspectorate
    COL Tong Yi Chuen
  • Chief Systems Integration Officer
    COL Lim Wei Lian
  • Head Army Information Centre
    COL Cheong Yunn Shaur
Army Formations
  • Commander, TRADOC
    BG Kenneth Liow
  • Commander, CSSCOM
    COL Terry Tan
  • Commander, 3rd Division
    BG David Neo
  • Commander, 6th Division
    COL Leung Shing Tai
  • Commander, 9th Division / Chief Infantry Officer
    COL Andrew Lim
  • Commander, 21st Division / Chief Guards Officer
    COL Seet Uei Lim
  • Commander, 25th Division / Chief Armour Officer
    BG Yew Chee Leung
  • Commander, 2nd People's Defence Force
    BG Dinesh Vasu Dash
  • Chief Commando Officer
    COL Kenny Tay
  • Chief Artillery Officer
    COL Michael Ma
  • Chief Army Medical Officer
    COL (DR) Lo Hong Yee
  • Chief Maintenance & Engineering Officer
    ME7 Tan Mu Yen
  • Chief Signal Officer
    COL Rajagopal
  • Chief Army Intelligence Officer
    COL Paul Cheak
  • Chief Engineer Officer
    COL Francis Kee
  • Commander, PERSCOM
    COL Ong Kok Wui
  • Chief Supply Officer
    COL Chang Pin Chuan
  • Chief Transport Officer
    COL Melvin Tan