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For Honour and Glory

Our Core Values
We pride ourselves to uphold the values of Courage, Honour, Esprit De Corps, Daring Initiative, Discipline and Leadership.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the Singapore Armed Forces' most highly trained and operationally elite soldiers. To be a world leading special forces.

Our Vocation

Commandos are raid specialists of the armed forces. They strike in the cover of darkness and employ various means to get to their target undetected. They infiltrate territories using airborne raids, helicopter assaults or sea landings. A commando has to move further, faster and fight harder than any other soldier.

Commandos on reconnaissance patrol avoid enemy contact during their missions, whilst expected to observe and report enemy activities and terrain information. They are cross trained in various skills and arms so they can take over each others' roles if necessary.

Military Equipment

Where we all began
On 1 December 1969, a group of 10 regular officers and 20 other ranks came together under the name of Regular Battalion. The formation used to house in SAFTI; now situated in Hendon after the unit grew in size. The unit was then named 1st
 Commando Battalion in 16 July 1971.

SAF Ranger Course
The Ranger Course is regarded as the toughest small unit leadership course in the SAF. A 65-day course, Ranger Trainees go through intense combat leadership training oriented towards small-unit-tactics. 

Basic Airborne Course
Basic Airborne Course (BAC) requires trainees to clock static line jumps.

Masters of Stealth
You will be adept at living off the land, even in enemy territory, drawing on special tactics for reconnaissance, sabotage and survival. You will be cross-trained in a diverse set of skills, such as demolition, signals, support weapon-handling and medical aid. Your intense training and the challenging nature of your missions will turn you into an elite trooper. Here in the Commandos, your fortitude and adaptive ability will be put to the test.