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Singapore Artillery
In Oriente Primus

Artillery dominates the battlefield by harnessing the full suite of sensors and precision fire systems in the SAF, thereby earning the title, “King of the Battlefield”. As masters of deadly precision, they shape and pave the way for our manoeuvre forces.

The Artillery formation plays a crucial role on the battlefield, raining destructive blows to neutralise enemy forces in a concerted barrage of fire, while supporting the manoeuvre force in accomplishing mission success. Accurate and effective, the formation demonstrates the fearsome power of precision warfare, neutralising enemy forces through coordinated strikes. With the use of the state-of-the-art rocket and weapon systems, the Artillery gunners are fully capable of bringing the battle deep into the enemy lines.

Our Vocation

As leaders of the Artillery, Officers of the formation are responsible for the planning, strategizing and realisation of the artillery’s full firepower and warfighting capabilities. 

Officers in the Artillery will master their leadership abilities through the command of men as well as mentor the future leaders of the Artillery. Through the shaping of our formation, officers will enjoy a dignified career full of challenging and enriching opportunities, developing them into leaders of excellence.

Warrant Officers & Specialists
Warrant Officers and Specialists are the backbone of Artillery’s operational and training capabilities, responsible for the regimentation and discipline of the Artillery’s batteries.

Warrant Officers & Specialist in the Artillery will hone their tactical warfighting, training expertise, and direct leadership abilities in a career that is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Gunners in the HIMARS, SSPH, Singapore Light-Weight Howitzer, or Field Howitzer 2000 Battery are entrusted with the responsibility in maintaining and operating state-of-the-art Artillery weapon systems that can deliver precision fire.

Gunners in the STrike ObserveR Mission (STORM) Battery will be involved in coordinating air strikes and artillery fires to deliver maximum damage to enemies in the target area.

Gunners in the Field Artillery Target Acquisition Battery will be involved in operating and maintaining a wide range of radars designed to locate enemy artillery, to provide early warning to our forces or opportunities to deliver counter-attacks on enemy artillery forces.

Gunners in the Field Artillery Meteorological System section specialises in providing timely and accurate atmospheric data, such as wind speed and direction, to increase the accuracy of our artillery fires.

Military Equipment

The Singapore Volunteer Artillery was formed on 22 February 1888, marking the humble beginnings of the Singapore Artillery formation.

Following the abrupt independence of Singapore, a strong and credible military became one of Singapore’s priority. In 1967, then Defence Minister Goh Keng Swee tasked a young CPT M S Gill with the responsibility of building up the Artillery. Its doctrine was developed based on operational concepts, local terrain and selected training values.

Within a few months, on 1 June 1967, 20 People’s Defence Force (Arty) was redesigned as 20 SAB (Singapore Artillery Battalion). It was assigned to operate the 120mm Light Tampella Mortar and units were equipped with it in the 1970s. By 1978, the ARTC was established as the Artillery Reserve Administrative was no longer able to meet the training requirements of the reservists.

Since 1988, the Singapore Artillery has undergone rapid modernisation in training, operations and weapons development. From the gun-howitzer, FH-88 guns, to the SAFARI weapon locating radar, many weapons have been designed and developed, through the combined efforts of ST Kinetics and Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), to allow the units to be more efficient and effective.

From 2007 to 2013, the Singapore Artillery contributed to Singapore’s peacekeeping efforts led by the United Nations, where 492 men and radar-locating weapons were deployed to restore stability to Afghanistan.

Masters of Deadly Precision
You will develop a deep understanding of a wide range of weapons and target acquisition systems, including radar designed to quickly locate enemy artillery, home-grown long range howitzers, as well as advanced survey and meteorological equipment. As our forces count on you for timely support, you will employ your intelligence and dexterity in analysing data to ensure accurate firing. With great responsibility resting on your shoulder, you will never compromise on precision and punctuality.