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Hedging for Maximum Flexibility: Singapore's Pragmatic Approach to Security Relations with the US and China
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by MAJ Cai Dexian

The rise of China is one of the defining trends of the early 21st century. Its steadily increasing political, economic and military power, coupled with uncertainty regarding its intentions, has far-reaching implications for Singapore's strategic interests and prospects. This essay will begin with an overview of Singapore’s strategic relationship with the US and describe her evolving bilateral and multilateral ties with china. it will then critically examine the viability of balancing and bandwagoning as strategies for Singapore to adopt vis-à-vis China. Finally, this essay will argue for the importance of enmeshing both the US and China in Southeast Asia and how regional institutions will be critical to ensuring a sustainable relationship between the two powers.


MAJ Cai Dexian is an Armor Infantry Officer and is currently a staff officer in the Force Plans Branch of G5 Army. MAJ Cai is a recipient of the SAF Overseas Scholarship. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Stanford University.

Last updated on 25 Jul 2013
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