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1. What is POINTER?

POINTER is the non-profit, quarterly journal of the Singapore Armed Forces. As a professional journal, it constantly strives to educate SAF officers and act as the forum to encourage officers to think about, discuss and debate professional and military matters. It also plays the important role of a repository of institutional knowledge and a communication medium for policies, trends and developments. Its staple of publications includes journals, monographs and supplements and they are circulated to more than 10,000 MINDEF/SAF officers and various foreign military and defence institutions. More information can be found in Introduction, History and Charter.

2. How do I view the .pdf files?
These are Acrobat files and you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. You may download it free from the Adobe World Wide Web server here.


1. How do I subscribe to POINTER?

To subscribe, download and complete the POINTER subscription form, and send it back to us via fax or mail to our address with an enclosed cheque of S$12.00 made to Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence:


Goh Keng Swee Command And Staff College, SAFTI MI

500 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638364

Fax: 67997071

The subscription form can also be found in the last page of each issue. Subscriptions cost $12.00 for three years ($1.00 per journal issue). Subscribers also receive complimentary copies of monographs and supplements.

2. How do I terminate my subscription? You may obtain a termination form from us. The completed termination form is to be sent back to us via fax or by mail. The form must be duly endorsed by your unit S1/MPO/AO.

3. Who is eligible for termination of the subscription? DXOs may opt-out of subscription. Subscription is compulsory for all active uniformed SAF Officers, Warrant Officers and Officer Cadets.



1. I have just moved into a new home recently. How do I update my address?                

If you are a subscriber paying through deduction of salary, simply update your address with your unit S1/MPO/AO or via e-Self Update at NS Portal. The updated address will automatically be reflected in the next distribution address list. If you are a subscriber who made a cheque payment, please send us an email at stating your Name and Updated Address.

2. Why is my POINTER copy still delivered to my previous address when I have already updated my new address?

Our distribution address list is prepared on a quarterly basis. Your new address might not have been updated at the point the distribution address list was prepared and forwarded to the journal distributor. You should receive the next issue at your new address. To confirm, please feel free to call us at Tel: 67997755 or send us an email at

3. I am leaving for overseas duty/study soon. Will I continue to receive POINTER?

You will continue to receive POINTER as long as you remain on MINDEF’s payroll as deductions will continue to be made from your salary. However, in view of high overseas postage cost, you will receive the journal at your local residential address.


1. How do I obtain permission for the reprint or reproduction of POINTER article(s) or illustration(s)?
To request for permission, complete the Request for Reprint Form and electronically submit it for consideration.

1. I am interested to contribute an article for publication. What are the editorial requirements to take note of?
Contributors of articles should take note of the guidelines for contributors and Author’s Guide.


For general enquiries, please write or email to us at:


Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College, SAFTI MI

500 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638364

or Fax: 6799-7071


MS Helen Cheng


Tel: 67997752

Fax: 67997071

Asst. Editor POINTER

Mr Tan Ming Yang Bille


Tel: 67997417

Fax: 67997071

Last updated on 13 Jan 2015
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