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Writing a Pointer Book Review

Dear POINTER readers,

Would you like to share any good books that you have read with other readers?  Do you have any opinions on books that you would like to share with POINTER readers?

If you do, this section on "Writing a Book Review" is just right for you. These materials are designed for those who lack book review writing experience. While it will not make you an instant star writer, the programme will open your eyes as to what the POINTER Editorial Team looks for when he assesses an article. Just spend the next 15 minutes browsing this section to learn how you can improve your book review writing skills.

Writing a Book Review
Click Below to learn how to write a book review.
* How To Write A Book Review How to Write a book review 285kb 02.09.2010
* Book Review Made Easy Book Review Made Easy 310kb 02.09.2010
Last updated on 24 Mar 2011
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