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Land Defence Asia
Land Defence Asia Conference
Selected Readings
POINTER is pleased to host selected readings for the 2006 Land Defence Asia Conference for online browsing:
* Article 1 Application of Airpower in Urban Warfare by MAJ Kwan Kum Wah 185kb 01.04.2010
* Article 2 Strategies For Managing Force Transformation by LTC Lawrence Lim Teng Chye 526kb 01.04.2010
* Article 3 "Thunder Runs": Panacea for Urban Operation? by MAJ Goh Si Mien 37kb 01.04.2010
* Article 4 Urban Warfare: Reducing Chaos Through IKC2 by MAJ Gary Chan 253kb 01.04.2010
* Article 5 Future Trends and Prospects for Terrorism after 11 September 2001 by LTC Koh Soon Heng Eric 120kb 01.04.2010
* Article 6 From Terror Fallout To Terra Firma by COL Jimmy Tan Cheng Yaw & MAJ Irvin Lim Fang Jau 89kb 01.04.2010
* Article 7 Effects-Based Operations: Obstacles And Opportunities by CPT Choy Dawen 63kb 01.04.2010
* Article 8 Low-Intensity Conflict by MAJ Hong Kian Wah 65kb 01.04.2010
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