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Writing a Pointer Essay/Book Review
Dear POINTER readers,

Do you aspire to join those SAF officers, foreign experts and local contributors that have made it to the pages of POINTER? Do you have some pertinent viewpoints that you would like to share with POINTER readers? Do you wish to win one a prize in the annual CDF Essay Competition?

If you do, this section on "Writing a Pointer Essay" is just right for you.

These materials are designed for those who lack essay writing experience. While it will not make you an instant star writer, the programme will open your eyes as to what the POINTER Editorial Board members and CDF Essay Competition judges look for when they assess an article.

Just spend the next 15 minutes or so browsing this section to learn how you can improve your essay writing skills.
Before we begin, do you know where the term "essay" comes from?

It comes from the French term "essai" (meaning "attempt"), a word coined by 16th Century French writer Montaigne.

An essay in today's context is a piece of non-fictional writing with the purpose of expressing a viewpoint or opinion.

An essay comprises three main sections as follows:
  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion
All POINTER essays are assessed on two main areas as follows:
  • content
  • presentation
Move on to Chapter 1 to find out more about essay "Content".
The 16th Century French writer Montaigne
The 16th Century French writer Montaigne
Last updated on 24 Mar 2011
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