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Medical Corps 50th Anniversary (MED50)
Medical Corps 50th Anniversary (MED50)

POINTER Monograph No. 11 - Medical Corps 50th Anniversary (MED50) (full version) [PDF 2.52MB]


Editorial [PDF 1.52MB]


Military Medicine through the Ages By BG(RET)(DR) Lim Meng Kin [PDF 467KB]

Military Medical Operations in the SAF: A New Paradigm By LTC(DR) Lee Wei Ting & MAJ(DR) Tan Mian Yi [PDF 346KB]

SAF’s Force Health Transformation By SLTC(DR) Lim Hou Boon, MAJ(DR) Benjamin Tung & MAJ(DR) Gabriel Chong [PDF 320KB]

The Army Combat Casualty Care System By COL(DR) Poon Beng Hoong [PDF 307KB]

Advancing Maritime Medical Support for the Republic of Singapore Navy By COL(DR) Chow Weien & LTC(DR) Lincoln Liow Ming Han [PDF 466KB]

Paradigm Changes in Aeromedical Support for the Republic of Singapore Air Force By COL(DR) Gan Wee Hoe & MAJ(DR) Shawn Lim [PDF 327KB]

SAF Medical Training Institute – Saving Lives since 1966 By COL(DR) Lo Hong Yee & ME6 Daniel Chia [PDF 480KB]

Force Medical Protection in the SAF By LTC(DR) Idu Jion, CPT(DR) Andrew Tan & CPT(DR) Sean Ong Wei Xiang [PDF 700KB]

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