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Beyond the Horizon:
Forging the Future RSAF
RSAF Through 50 Years
of Nation-Building
The RSAF Journey -
Voices from the Past,
Present and Future
(March 2013)
The Information
Fusion Centre:
Challenges And
Perspectives (April
On Command (Nov 2009)
On Staff Work (Aug
The SAF SARS Diaries
(May 2004)
Land Defence Asia
Beyond the Horizon: Forging the Future RSAF (2016)
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Air Force Supplement 2016

Full version - Beyond the Horizon: Forging the Future RSAF (2016) (full version) [PDF 1.28MB]


Editorial [PDF 33KB]


Future Trends and the Strategic Imperatives for Change in the RSAF by LTC Wong Khiong Seng & CPT Nichola Goh [PDF 187KB]

Sustaining a Strong and Capable RSAF for the Future ME6 Sreekanth Shankar, LTC James Phang, MAJ Ng Guo Feng and MAJ Tan Peng Yu [PDF 138KB]

Moving Beyond the 1-0 Paradigm: Enhancing the RSAF'S Value in Peace by LTC Tan Hwee, Roy, MAJ Oh Wai Mun, Lance & CPT Tan Xi Jie [PDF 201KB]

Human Capital Challenges for the RSAF by LTC Tee Pei Ling, MAJ Tjong Wei Chee and ME5 Wong Chong Wai [PDF 387KB]

RSAF 2030: Evolving Our Culture for Future Challenges by LTC Tan Cheng Wee, Mark, MAJ Cumarran K. & ME4 Ng Wei Rong [PDF 187KB]

Black Swans need not be Black: Preparing the RSAF to Succeed in Spite of Future Uncertainties by LTC Goh Sim Aik, ME4 Soon Yi Xiang, Andrew & CPT Lim Peixian, Vanessa [PDF 165KB]

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