ME3 Lee Teck Wee

Marine Systems Engineer Superintendent, Ship Superintending Engineering Centre
What intrigued you most about the RSN?

I have always been interested in the armed forces since young. This may sound silly - I chose the RSN because I found their No.1 uniform very smart and alluring!

Share with us what you do in your current role.

I am a Marine Systems Engineer Superintendent in the Ship Superintending Engineering Centre. I take charge of the preventive maintenance works for the Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs) when they are in the shipyard. Some of my job responsibilities include ensuring the availability of machinery spares, planning and liaising with external parties to work out the schedule of maintenance works for the LMVs.

How did the RSN help you to grow professionally?

The RSN values its people. I was sponsored by the RSN to pursue a part-time diploma in Marine Offshore Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I am very grateful for the sponsorship as it serves as recognition of my good performance in the RSN. 

Through the course, I have developed relevant technical knowledge and skills, such as defect rectification, which I could apply readily to my job. With improved competency, I have also become more confident in my job.

What is your proudest moment in the RSN so far?

My proudest moment in the RSN was when I was selected to be the pioneer ship crew for not just one, but two LMVs. I was the Marine Systems Supervisor on board RSS Sovereignty and the Platform Systems Cluster Chief on board RSS Fortitude. To be involved in the transformation of two warships from mere metal hulls to fully operational vessels that now safeguard Singapore's waters has been an unforgettable and fulfilling experience.

How has the RSN helped to shape who you are today?

Working in a dynamic environment has taught me to maintain my composure when under pressure. Sometimes when we are out at sea, we may encounter unexpected situations or problems. However, our training has prepared us well to manage the unexpected. Over time, I have also gained the confidence in making critical decisions during times of crisis. This is an important skill that I can also apply in my personal life. 

With the vocation knowledge and leadership skills that I developed over the years, I am excited and inspired to impart my knowledge and groom the next generation of sailors. 

What would be your advice to anyone who wishes to join the RSN?

A career with the RSN is exciting, challenging and fulfilling. The sense of being part of something greater – a force that defends our way of life – will make your work feel meaningful. It will be a journey that you cannot find elsewhere.

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