Defending our everyday means being ready for everything. This is why our ships are always prepared: so they can safeguard our everyday.

Formidable-class Frigate

Brimming with stealth capability and advanced weapons, this is the heavy hitter in our arsenal

Victory-class Missile Corvette

Fast and furious, they are our speediest ships

Independence-class Littoral Mission Vessel

Can be rapidly configured with mission modules to handle a wide spectrum of operations — hence their mantra: Smarter, Faster and Sharper

Sentinel-class Maritime Security and Response Vessels

Providing calibrated options against maritime threats

Bedok-class Mine Countermeasure Vessel

Search. Hunt. Destroy. Mines do not stand a chance

Endurance-class Landing Ship Tank

Five-tonne trucks, troops, helicopters, medical supplies — when you are eight storeys high, you can carry anything and do more

MV Swift Rescue

From rescue missions to training, this craft helps keep Singapore safe

MV Avatar

True to its name, MV Avatar is a Navy ship acting as a merchant vessel — functioning as the perfect platform for training missions