Naval Traditions

Be part of the Navy family and experience rich traditions honoured by generations of sailors

Colours and Sounds

Discover ceremonies such as Colours and Ceremonial Sunset that mark the start and end of each day. Be part of these rich naval traditions — practiced by seafarers for generations — when you join the Navy.

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Naval Flags and Pennants

Sporting bold hues and eye-catching patterns, naval flags and pennants play a crucial role in communication between ships while maintaining radio silence or when voice communication deteriorates.

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Sailor Speak

What does Bravo Zulu mean? How did the term “dog watch” come about? Learn the spectrum of naval terms that are part and parcel of life in the open sea.

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Learning the Ropes

A mark of a true sailor is the ability to make knots, bends, hitches and splices with rope without hesitation. Read this guide to help you learn the ropes, literally.

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Navigating the Seas

For centuries, sailors would look to the stars to find their position and sail the seven seas. Today, sailors rely on these traditional navigational techniques as a backup to modern technology.

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