We are the Sons and Daughters of the Sea

What it means to protect the waters of Singapore

Singapore is a maritime nation. Throughout Singapore's history, our island's prosperity has been inextricably linked to the sea. The seas have always been our lifelines. Every day, merchant vessels transport vital essentials such as food, energy and supplies that support our nation's growth.

The Republic of Singapore Navy is our nation's first line of defence. We protect Singapore's sea lines of communication and contribute to regional peace and security. 

In peacetime, this mission involves keeping a sharp eye and maintaining continuous surveillance on the Singapore Strait, acting as the vanguard against sea robberies, piracy, terrorism and unwanted incursions.

To do this, the RSN works closely with national maritime agencies, as well as the wider international community. Keeping the seas in our region and beyond safe and secure will allow our maritime nation to go on flourishing, and our maritime region to continue growing.

In wartime, the RSN will work to secure a swift and decisive victory over any enemy at sea.

Our Symbol of Honour

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Our Symbol of Honour

The Crescent Moon and Five Stars represent our country and all that she stands for. It is central to the logo, just as the RSN is a central part of Singapore’s defence.

The Lion represents courage, nobility and sovereignty. It symbolises the nation and the RSN’s role as a defender of Singapore.

The Tiger represents fierce determination and our readiness to fiercely deter any threat.

The Laurels are a hallmark of excellence. They reflect the professionalism and dedication that form the backbone of the RSN.

The Anchor epitomises our roots and signifies our continued adherence to our naval values.

Our Song

From a humble beginning the day we were born,
Onwards and upwards we've moved on and on.
Never looking back we'll always grow.
Onwards and upwards the best we'll show.


We're the sons and daughters of the sea.
Mighty ones of the Singapore Navy.
We will stand for the right,
We will fight to the end.
We will always be true to our land.

Our waters to guard to ensure they are safe.
It's a great task only meant for the brave.
It does make us proud to know that we
All play a part to protect our seas.

With our comrades in arms we will fight hand-in-hand,
Together we stand in defence of our land.
Never flagging in adversity,
Forward we'll march on to victory.

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