ME2 Nigel Ho

Senior Assistant Engineer, Systems Readiness Engineering Centre (Marine and Electrical)
Why did you choose to join the RSN? What intrigued you most about the RSN?

When I was younger, the idea of joining the RSN never crossed my mind. However, after I completed my National Service, I was looking for a job that could offer me job stability. As I delved deeper into the various career paths in my job search, I realised how fulfilling it would be to defend my nation through a career in the military. I ultimately chose to join the RSN because it provided me a unique 'home away from home' working environment.

What are some of your daily responsibilities?

My job as a Senior Assistant Engineer at the Systems Readiness Engineering Centre (Marine and Electrical) involves ensuring the platform systems on board our Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs) are always combat ready and primed for all deployments. This requires me to conduct routine inspections, maintenance works and rectifications to promptly address any defects that may arise.

What is the biggest challenge that you faced in the RSN? How did you overcome it?

To date, joining RSS Indomitable as part of the pioneering crew is undoubtedly the biggest challenge that I have faced in the RSN. As the Marine Systems Supervisor, I had to not only operationalise a new warship but also lead my team to meet our mission objectives. I was still a relatively junior crew at that point in time, so these responsibilities were not easy feats.

However, with the guidance from my superiors and support from my team, I was able to overcome this challenge and emerge as a more competent sailor and leader. Looking back, it was definitely a fulfilling and memorable experience!

What are some of the most exciting/meaningful missions that you have embarked on with the RSN?

I have participated in two missions that I have found especially meaningful. The first mission involved search operations for the AirAsia flight QZ8501, where we were able to locate the main wreckage site and provide closure to the grieving families. The second mission was to rescue the crew on board the Panama-flagged tanker, Hoyu, after a fire broke out while it was transiting in the Singapore waters.

These successful operations struck a deep chord within me as they reaffirmed the decision I had made to join the RSN and were testament to the RSN's capabilities.

What keeps you motivated in the RSN?

As the work in the RSN is dynamic, there will always be adventures to look forward to. I am motivated by the challenges that come with each appointment that I take on. Knowing that my efforts contribute to my nation's defence compels me to want to do more in the next 20 years and more.

What would be your advice to anyone who wishes to join the RSN?

A career with the RSN is an eye-opening experience and undeniably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It may not always be a smooth sailing, but you can definitely overcome any obstacles and grow as an individual with the right attitude and support from the RSN family.

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