Naval Chef

Showcase your culinary skills. Defend our everyday as a Naval Chef.


At sea, your culinary expertise will play a key role in supporting and boosting the morale of the men and women in the Navy, while providing them with the necessary nutrition and energy to achieve mission success. 


The Naval Chef will receive a comprehensive salary, allowance and benefits package.

Starting Salary

Earn a starting salary between


per month

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Military Domain Experts Scheme

Career until age 60 on full CPF terms

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Flex Benefits

Earn Flex credit points between


per annum

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Starting Salary

ME1 Trainee ME1
$2,400 (Diploma) $2,880* (Diploma)
$1,870- $1,940 (NITEC/Higher NITEC) $2,350 - $2,420* (NITEC/Higher NITEC)
$1,610 - $1,770 ('O' level passes & above) $2,100 - $2,260* ('O' level passes & above)

Additional Allowances
Ship board $350-$450
Submarine $750-$850

*Includes ship board allowance of $350

Military Domain Experts Scheme

Career until age 60 on full CPF terms

Expert Continuous Engagement and Learning (EXCEL) Bonus

Age 32 Up to 12 months' bonus
Age 40 8 months' bonus
Age 50 8 months' bonus

28 months of Military Domain Experts Scheme (MDES) bonus in total, paid at three points in your career.

Flex Benefits

This scheme awards credit points (1 point= $1) that you can use for: Personal development/education, vacations, children’s daycare services, children’s education, medical claims and personal insurance.

First 6 years of service 600 credits per year
7th to 12th year of service 800 credits per year
13th year of service 1000 credits per year

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Entry Requirements

Academic Qualifications

Diploma, Higher NITEC, NITEC or minimum 1 GCE ‘N’-Level pass

Basic Requirements

  1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR intending to take up citizenship
  2. Medically fit (PES A & PES B)
  3. Normal colour perception