Commander AOAS's Message

AOAS is the home of the Company Command Course (CCC), Company Tactics Course (CTC), Battalion Tactics Course (BTC) and Advanced Infantry Officers’ Course (AIOC).

These courses have been revised over the years to incorporate the new warfighting concepts of our 3rd Generation Army, as well as the challenges posed by the evolving operating environment. They are inherently intensive and tough courses, in line with our continued endeavour to develop competent, confident and committed warfighting leaders for the 3rd Generation Army.

AOAS has an open learning culture. We do not advocate fixed “DS solutions”. Instead, upon the foundations of established combined arms doctrines, Officers are encouraged to practise critical thinking, to reflect, to be creative and to share ideas and learn from each other. They are also encouraged to derive practical and effective solutions to overcome the many challenges in a complex and uncertain operating environment so as to achieve their mission objectives.

In AOAS, we develop the professional knowledge and expertise of Officers and reinforce their values, ethos and commitment as warfighting leaders of the SAF.

COL Yeo Hwee Bin
Comd Army Officers' Advanced School


To train, educate and develop Army Officers to hold intermediate command and staff appointments.

About AOAS History

Army Officers’ Advanced School (AOAS) can trace its origins back to when the School of Advanced Training for Officers (SATO) was established in 1968. Its mission then was to teach commissioned officers higher level management skills. The first course included eleven officers from the 1st batch of officers commissioned in SAFTI only the year before. SATO reaffirmed the primary mission of SAFTI, a mission that was critical at that time, to train officers and NCOs for a young and fledgling Singapore Armed Forces.

Traditionally, AOAS has been the place where officers are professionally upgraded to cope with the advances in technology and doctrinal developments within the Army.

AOAS has undergone many doctrinal developments over time in response to the increasingly challenging environment our officers are expected to work in.


Battalion Tactics Course (BTC)


To train selected Army Officers in planning and executing Battalion-level combined arms operations, with emphasis on tactics, drills, techniques and procedures. This will provide them with the foundation for the next stage of training and facilitate Inter-Service (Air Force and Army) integration.


The BTC is conducted twice a year. The lessons, which includes Map Planning Tutorials and Exercises, and Two-Sided Wargaming Exercises, are designed to teach Officers to be effective Battalion Staff.

On top of operational military knowledge, lessons and seminars would also be conducted to engage Officers’ thinking on Fighting Smart and Control of Operations. The curriculum develop and hone tactics, techniques and procedures at the Battalion level.

Company Tactics Course (CTC)


To train Army Officers in the planning and executing of Company-level operations within a combined arms setting with emphasis on tactics, drills, techniques and procedures, to provide them with the foundation for the next stage of training.


The CTC is conducted four times a year. It provides Officers with foundational operational military knowledge via Forums and group Discussion activities. Officers will practice their learnt knowledge through Map Planning Tutorials and two-sided Wargaming Exercises, as well as Tests and Assignments.

Upon passing the CTC, Officers would then proceed to their respective Advanced Courses to further their knowledge and skills in their respective military domains.

Advanced Infantry Officers’ Course (AIOC)


To train selected Infantry, Guards and Commando Officers in tactics of other specialised Company-level operations in order to qualify them to assume the appointment of an Infantry Company Commander.


The AIOC is conducted four times a year, and immediately follows the CTC to provide in-depth training for Infantry, Guards and Commando Officers.

The course comprises a Company Systems Live Firing Exercise, where Officers would be exposed to the various Company weapons and tactics in the field, as well as the safety considerations in conducting Live Firing Exercises. The course also comprises a Troop Leading Exercise to train Officers to command troops at the Company level to achieve the mission objective.

Company Command Course (CCC)


CCC aims to train Captain-Grade Army Officers to be effective Company Commander, who are able to (1) lead and develop his Company and command team; (2) supervise the various functional areas in Company administration and management; and (3) design, plan and conduct Company training activities in a safe and realistic manner.


The course is primarily comprised of seminars to inform prospective Company Commander on the fundamental topics and knowledge on Company command, management and administration, so as to prepare them for their respective Units’ operating procedures and on-the-job training, and the eventual assumption of command as the Company Commander of their respective Companies.

Special focus is placed on the Command Effectiveness Programme, where Officers would reflect on their values and principles, and eventually develop their Command Philosophy and Command Action Plan. They would also be trained to coach their command team, to manage soldiers, and to develop a lesson plan for training activities.