About CLS

The Centre for Learning Systems (CLS) is established in SAFTI Military Institute (SAFTI MI) in Oct 2013 to plan and transform the SAF curriculum architecture, pedagogical practices and learning technologies.

CLS interfaces with the various Services training policy and plans departments to harmonise the planning and implementing of policies and projects for Services’ Training Commands.

CLS leads the advancement of the SAF learning landscape, processes and infrastructure and, co-ordinates with Institute for Military Learning (IML) to prepare the SAF trainers and instructors to leverage on the learning capabilities and initiatives developed.

About CLS

Organisation and Structure

CLS Organisation and Structure

Next Generation Learning System (NGLS)

Digital Transformation of Learning

As a continuum to SAF learning transformation that started from year 2012, the next bound of learning transformation will be enabled by the Next Generation Learning System (NGLS) and transform learning to be continuous, self-directed and digital. NGLS will enable servicemen, units and domains to leverage data and drive improvements in their training and unit operations.

NGLS Sub-Systems

NGLS comprises 5 digital sub-systems:

  1. Individual Learning System (iLEARN):A personalised smart platform for every servicemen to learn digitally.
  2. Unit Learning System (uLEARN): A performance tracking and feedback system for Training Institutes or units to learn collectively.
  3. Work-Events based Learning System (weLEARN): A digital audit and evaluation system for domain-level standards and processes.
  4. Learning Content Management System (LCMS): A digital library for efficient curation and governance of learning content.
  5. Enterprise Learning Analytics (ELA): A learning data integration and visualisation for system-level analysis and improvement.

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