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SAFTI MI Human Resource Centre (SHRC) was established in 2006 and SHRC has grown to support the various entities within SAFTI MI, MINDEF/SAF and external stakeholders. SHRC manages a spectrum of core HR functions from courses, service extensions, staff and deployment, career management, rewards and recognition to performance management for SAFTI Military Institute (SAFTI MI) permanent staff.

SAFTI Human Resource Centre


SHRC strives to offer a one-stop centre, dedicated to fulfil SAFTI MI’s human resource needs through value added initiatives and service excellence.


SHRC aspires to be the nerve centre of SAFTI MI and support SAFTI MI’s effort in developing a premier Military Education and Training Institute.

Transforming Our Work Force

SHRC comprises of three main branches:
HR Development (HR Devmt), Regimentation & Ceremonies (R&C) and Student Affairs (SA).


The HR Devmt branch manages the HR administration of approximately 1000 personnel in SAFTI MI from various demographic population ranging from full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), Specialists and Warrant Officers to Officers, Military Domain Expert Scheme (MDES) and Defence Executive Officers (DXO). It manages a spectrum of core HR functions from recruitment, staffing and deployment, career consultation, training and development planning, rewards and recognition to performance management for SAFTI MI permanent staffs.

The branch remains a strong fighting force that works in collaboration with their Personnel Management Centres/Departments within MINDEF/SAF and the various entities within SAFTI MI with the purpose to provide value-added services during each personnel’s journey at SAFTI MI.


The R&C branch focuses on three fronts, namely (1) Regimentation, (2) Ceremonies and (3) Liaison.

Under Regimentation, the branch acts as the disciplinary advisory to the entities within SAFTI MI on issues related to disciplinary investigations, processes documents for court martial cases and assists in the convening of Formation Boards of Inquiry (FBOI) where Commandant SAFTI MI is the convening authority.

Under Ceremonies, the branch supports institute level events (such as Graduation and Commissioning Parades and Ceremonies) in the areas of invitations and protocol advice.

Under Liaison, in support of Public Defence Diplomacy (PDD), the branch facilitates all local and foreign visits to SAFTI MI by military and civilian dignitaries, through communication with external SAF agencies and internal stakeholders. The aim of the visit is to give the visitors a pleasant and memorable experience at SAFTI MI.


The SA branch focuses on three fronts – Management of International Officers, SAFTI Alumni Association Admin Office and HR Student Administration. It provides student administration support for an annual average of approximately 5,000 students attending lead programmes and courses at SAFTI MI. The branch works in close collaboration with the different embassies and inter-ministry agencies such as Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) for processing of documents for our foreign students’ stay in Singapore.

SAFTI Human Resource Centre
SAFTI Human Resource Centre

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