SAFTI Services Cluster

SAFTI Services Cluster


SAFTI Services Cluster, commonly known as SAFTI SC, is a unit that undertakes the provision of vital support for events, activities and personnel within SAFTI MI.

The scope of our organisation includes:

  1. Resource Management

  2. Budget Control

  3. Estate Management

Hd SAFTI SC's Message

Welcome to SAFTI Services Cluster (SAFTI SC), where we strive to provide excellent services and support to various units in SAFTI Military Institute (SAFTI MI), with an emphasis on "3T + 3P" - Teamwork, Team Spirit, and Team Relationship, as well as Personal Turnout, Personal Discipline, and Personal Performance.

We hope that the following website can provide you a detailed understanding into the various roles and job scopes required for SAFTI SC to function effectively and efficiently in its daily operations.


Our Core Values




Our Logo

The colour blue symbolises the trust, professionalism and loyalty that SAFTI SC embodies together with Supply Base West (SBW) and the Supply Formation to provide for CSS matters.

The colour gold illustrates the valuable and indispensable service we provide. SAFTI SC is Swift to Support, and the gold signifies the pivotal role we play as a part of SBW and Headquarter (HQ) Supply.

The bayonet and gear, as well as the falcon standing tall, represent HQ Supply and SBW respectively as they work together towards success. The sword and torch signify the outstanding service we have provided and will continue to provide to SAFTI MI for years to come.

Lastly, the brush is indicative of our desire to treasure our roots regardless of how much we modernise and change with the times. Calligraphy is a notion of harmony and proficiency; similarly, the single, continuous brush stroke is representative of our continuous efforts to consistently produce the best possible quality of service and support.

SAFTI SC’s Quality Policy

SAFTI SC aims to deliver a seamless flow of quality service to its customers through providing quality products, prompt customer service, and continuously seeking improvement in our work processes. Our goal is to be a quintessential paragon of quality; that is, to excel at achieving customers' specifications and satisfaction.

In our perennial pursuit of constant improvement, both of ourselves and our work processes, SAFTI SC has been awarded with numerous certifications and incentives. These achievements are indicative of the recognition of our culture of excellence and proficiency, and serve as a testament to our commitment towards providing the best possible quality of service to all of our customers throughout our Organizational Excellence journey.

SAFTI SC’s 3 + 3 Concept

Head SAFTI SC has devised and implemented the "3 + 3 Concept” as a means of providing guidance to all team members as they work together to achieve personal and unit excellence, This concept involves the synergy of both individual and team values that work together in tandem to create the best possible work culture and environment within SAFTI SC. All team members are encouraged to actively apply the 3 + 3 Concept as they go about their daily work within the unit.



Team Spirit
Team Relationship

Personal Performance
Personal Discipline
Personal Turnout

Organisation and Structure

SAFTI SC Organisation and Structure

Head SAFTI SC’s Office

As our leader, Head SAFTI SC spearheads SAFTI Services Cluster (SAFTI SC) and is in charge of overseeing the daily activities and preparation of all the branches of SAFTI SC, as well as the monitoring the usage of facilities in SAFTI MI. This ensures the maintenance of our ability to continuously and consistently provide quality services.

Resource Branch

The Resource Branch, led by Head Resource, is comprised of Resource Communications and Services, Resource Control, and Resource Operations / Security. The Resource Branch supervises the efficient use of SAFTI SC's resources and ensures the provision of quality services to SAFTI MI, and manages the unit's HR administration, welfare activities, and drives Organizational Excellence.

The Communications & Services Office handles the logistics required to maintain the messing and cookhouses for the entire SAFTI MI, as well as oversees the management of the Public Address (PA) system for Common Facilities. This helps ensure that dining halls run like well-oiled machines.

Resource Control is involved in the preparation of facilities, equipment, and more. This section notably manages the scheduling of daily ferry services for SAFTI MI, and provides resource support in the form of equipment and Signallers for the numerous events and field exercises carried out by the College, Schools and Centres. It also undertakes the accommodation for Permanent Staff, full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) and International Officers.

The Operations / Security Office is entrusted with the management of administrative matters pertaining the safeguarding and protection of SAFTIrians.

The Office oversees the management of car parks throughout SAFTI MI on a routine day and during events, traffic control, as well as the management of camp passes and car park labels for visitors and permanent staff.

In addition, the Office is also charged with overseeing SAFTI MI's guardroom, security access clearance, and the overall security infrastructure in SAFTI MI, along with managing the regimentation and discipline of SAFTI SC.

As a whole, each section of Resource Branch works together to ensure that events can occur safely and successfully. Their laudable dedication towards the provision of quality service helps enable events like the Officer Cadet Commissioning Ceremonies / Parades, SAF Day Parades and more to run without hiccups.

Budget Control Branch

The Budget Control Branch (BCB) manages SAFTI SC’s budget and ensures that all financial transactions are properly accounted for. It also acts as the Fund Centre by keeping track of and allocating financial resources and funds to SAFTI MI. Additionally, BCB handles the planning and managing of operational expenditures through the utilisation of a variety of tools such as the annual budget plan, quarterly budget reviews and the multi-year budgeting process.

The branch also plays an advisory role to the Schools/Centres/College on financial management, budget planning and auditing matters so as to enhance the financial governance of SAFTI MI. This is done through conducting engagement sessions to all Financial Appointment Holders (FAHs) to update them on any new financial processes and directives.

BCB oversees Risk and Internal Control Evaluation (RICE) Checks and prepares reports for SAFTI MI. They effectively and transparently allocate the appropriate funds to ensure SAFTI MI runs smoothly. In order to deal with an increased complexity of financial matters, BCB created and currently maintains a contract database for all contracts in SAFTI MI.

Estate Management

The Estate Branch is responsible for planning, refining, and improving the long-term infrastructure developments of SAFTI MI. It monitors the implementation and timely renewal of maintenance contracts in order to maintain and upkeep the 88 hectares of land within SAFTI MI, and routinely conducts building inspections.

The branch is also responsible for working in partnership with Facilities Management Agent (FMA), Integrated Building Contractor (IBC), and Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) Facilities Management Programme (FMP) in order to carry out preventive maintenance, facility upgrades, and repair works in order to enhance the reliability and safety of SAFTI MI's infrastructure. The branch supervises commercial contractors in order to carry out maintenance works and provide event management support. Land and Building Inspections (LBI) are conducted on a semi-annual basis to identify and rectify any defects and hazards promptly.

Supply Company

Supply Company is the focal point of stores management and accounting, and they work together with other branches to provide timely logistical support for administrative and training matters; this ensures they run smoothly and successfully. They communicate with external contractors on behalf of SAFTI MI, and their efforts result in the provision of common essential items within the camp, such as Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), fire extinguishers, and water coolers.

The company also manages the high-tech Smart Store System, which allows for greater serviceability and management of weapons, as well as provides the stringent accountability required for weapons in light of their security sensitivity.

The company aims to be the gold standard for quality service and leave customers with positive experiences to remember.

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