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About SAFTI Military Institute

SAFTI Military Institute (SAFTI MI) builds upon SAFTI’s tradition of providing professional, rigorous and disciplined training for Singapore Armed Forces leaders. Through its joint training, SAFTI MI aims to forge common bonds and commitment among fellow leaders, and build an integrated SAF.


To develop SAF leaders responsible for the defence of Singapore, so as to safeguard its independence and sovereignty.

Through its joint training, SAFTI MI provides coherent and integrated professional development for SAF leaders living the motto – To Lead, To Excel, To Overcome.


SAFTI MI aspires to be the premier Military Education and Training Institute, committed to developing world class leaders dedicated to the defence of the nation.

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Safti MI Units



SAFTI MI conducts all levels of leadership training for the three Corps: Officer Corps, Warrant Officers and Specialist (WOSpec) Corps, and Military Expert Corps. While most of the officers' leadership training is conducted within SAFTI MI compounds, the WOSpecs and Through-Trained Military Experts undergo theirs in Pasir Laba Camp. The curricula for the leadership courses are carefully tailored to meet the various requirements at each level. The curricula are designed to imbue a strong foundation in professional military knowledge and leadership skills.

Visit the different units' website for more information on courses available.