Landmarks in SAFTI MI

SAFTI Military Institute’s buildings are designed to be functional as well as pleasing to the eye.
The architectural design blends in with the natural surroundings, with nature trails for visitors to amble along.

Facilities in SAFTI MI

Common Facilities for usage are the SAFTI MI Swimming Pool, Stadium, SAFTI Warriors Hall and Rugby Field.

Swimming Pool

SAFTI MI Swimming Pool

The Pool opening hours are 0700hrs to 1800hrs, Mondays to Fridays.
Hours open to recreational swimmers are 0700hrs to 0900hrs and 1200hrs to 1330hrs.
(Recreation swimming will only be open if there is no bookings by OCS Wings/HQ).
External events can only be conducted from 0900hrs to 1200hrs and 1330hrs to 1630hrs.

A new SAFTI Aquatic Obstacle Course (SAOC) has been implemented for the use of OCS training.
No unauthorised use is allowed.


SAFTI MI Stadium

The usage of the Stadium is extended to all units within SAFTI MI.
User is to ensure the cleanliness of the Stadium at all times.

SAFTI Warriors Hall

SAFTI Warriors Hall

The SAFTI Warriors Hall opening hours are as follows (applicable only for Sports and Games):

a. Monday to Friday: 0800hrs – 1700hrs
b. Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed (Unless special arrangements are made)

Rugby Field

SAFTI MI Rugby Field

Rugby Field is available from 0900hrs-1630hrs.
Personnel using the facilities should be properly attired, as per the activity/function.