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Maritime Nation, Maritime Force

Singapore is a maritime nation and the seas are our economic lifeline. The Republic of Singapore Navy is our nation's first line of defence. As the maritime force for our maritime nation, we protect Singapore’s sea lines of communications and contribute to regional peace and security.

Stories from the Seas

Inside Exercise Trident: 3 Impactful Moments

What does it take to run a ship-to-shore exercise involving over 2,000 military personnel — and pull it off without a hitch? Go behind the scenes of Exercise Trident with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), and storm the beach alongside our sailors.

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24 Hours on the High Seas: Life On Board RSS Resolution

What happens on board a Republic of Singapore Navy warship? From fire-fighting and damage control drills to movie nights, this is life on board landing ship tank RSS Resolution.

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Our Vessels, Weapons and Bases

From patrolling stormy seas to slipping stealthily beneath its waves, these are the assets we employ to keep Singapore safe — and the bases they call home


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