Celebrating 30 Years of Victory, Valour and Vigilance!

30 Aug 20

We celebrated 30 years of Victory, Valour and Vigilance! These ships were the first three missile corvettes commissioned and they form the backbone of RSN's strike capability. Here's a poem written by ME4 Nico Tang to commemorate this milestone!

"18 - 8 - 90"

18th August, thirty years ago
We commissioned Victory
She was first-of-class and Second to None
A new era had just begun 

Sleek and fast with dark steel grey
Valour was there the very same day
“I will Serve with Valour" she exclaimed 
No second thoughts about her name 

Vigilance stood tall and proud
Standing out from amongst the crowd
"Nothing Gets By" this very keen scout
Ever alert when she's up and about

It has been thirty years since
Their service to the nation has not gone unseen
A tribute we pay to them and their crews
Ready and Resolute, through and through