Back to the Classroom

29 Sep 20

(Caption of photo above) "The RSN has many strong and committed sailors, willing to sacrifice their time with their family when called to serve." – ME1 Johnson Neo, Marine Systems Operator (left).

Inspired, ME1 Neo strove to learn his lessons well so that he can play his part to defend Singapore.

"Learning opportunities are everywhere. When we were operating in isolation, my batchmates and I were able to complete our school's task book. But we continued to learn from our shipmates when on board RSS Vigilance. I learnt a lot from my shipmates who I have bonded with closely."

Bravo Zulu, ME1 Neo! 


It was back to the classroom for 38 junior military experts after they completed their on-the-job training phase on board various platforms. Over the last 12 weeks, they were drilled on their vocational skills and graduated from the Basic Specialisation Course 2 last Friday.

Bravo Zulu and good luck in your next posting!

"Never stop learning" - ME1 Lim Qian Hui, Communications Systems Operator (left)

A sense of curiosity was also the reason that led to ME1 Lim to join the Navy.

"I had a brother who served in the navy and the stories he shared with me inspired me to sign on as I was curious what it’s like to be in the military."

Today, ME1 Lim continues to learn with her new family on RSS Vigour!

"During my training period, I was impressed by how my ship's executive officer took charge of the situation calmly when my ship unexpectedly met with a defect at sea." – ME1 Revan Raj, Underwater Systems Operator (left)

The professionalism displayed by his executive officer not only inspired him, but also strengthened his conviction that the RSN is the place to be.

To ME1 Revan, nothing of value comes easy. The life that we have in Singapore is a result of the sacrifices of many.

"In the RSN, we have been protecting the waters of Singapore to ensure the security of our nation. We sometimes have to sail for days to exercise with others. But I know this is to protect the sovereignty of Singapore."

"I want to part of something bigger and I feel that the navy has many opportunities for me to grow and gain new experiences." – ME1 Marc Justine, Command and Control Systems Operator (right).

The journey for this business student has not been an easy one. But with determination and perseverance, he excelled in his vocation course.

"I had to study harder than everyone else as I struggled a lot on the technical aspects of my vocation and found it hard to keep up with my peers who had an engineering background."

Today, ME1 Marc is serving on board RSS Justice to do his part to protect and safeguard our waters.