At the Frontlines for a Higher Purpose

28 May 20

(Caption of photo above) The RSN-led team at The Leo Dormitory.

This team supported the dormitory management in ensuring the safety of close to 4,000 migrant workers as well as establishing sustainable systems. Although they were not familiar with dormitory operations initially, they learnt quickly, and help the dormitory management to revise their systems.



"If I can contribute towards this national effort in any way possible, I will do it." ME5 Zheng Tian Yuan

16 members of our navy family have been deployed to lead four Forward Assurance and Support Teams (FAST) together alongside personnel from the SAF,  Ministry of Manpower, and Dormitory Operators.

The teams worked tirelessly to support dormitory operations in a larger effort to combat COVID-19 in Singapore.

ME5 Zheng (pictured left) was the Logistic OIC for the RSN-led team at the Leo Dormitory.

"I volunteered to be part of FAST because I regard these migrant workers as part of Singapore and it is really about one human being helping another. If I can contribute towards this national effort in any way possible, I will do it."

Whenever he could, ME5 Zheng (pictured right) made it a point to walk around the dormitory to check in with the migrant workers.

"Sometimes they may not want to come to us with their worries, so I felt that we should meet them where they are and talk to them first. That way, they would be more willing to open up and share."

Once, ME5 Zheng met a migrant worker who had tested positive for COVID-19. The migrant worker was visibly distressed and was afraid of losing his job. He was also the sole breadwinner for his family and had a newborn recently.

The team took time to talk to him and to provide assurance that they were there to help. "We told him that we were here if he needed to talk to anyone, and that the best thing to do now is to rest and recover."