Congratulations to Our Navy Graduates of the 42nd Specialist Cadet Course

21 Feb 20

Over the course of 22 weeks, these newly-minted leaders were put through rigorous training. With the unwavering support of their fellow cadets and family, they overcame both personal and professional challenges. 

Well done to all! Or as we say in the Navy - Bravo Zulu! 

Being posted to the Navy was a huge step into the unknown for 3SG Adriel Ang. Fresh out of BMT from Tekong, he felt a sense of excitement tinged with anxiety as he made the transition from soldier to sailor.

He admits that the journey was a challenging one. While having to adapt to the new environment, Adriel had to learn how to be a communication systems specialist, as well as master the essential skills like seamanship, basic firefighting, and damage control skills to prepare for shipboard life.

Reflecting back, Adriel shares that being in the Navy has changed him for the better. "I am grateful for the friends and people that I’ve crossed paths with. They inspired me with their example, and encouraged me with their words and kindness. As I move onwards and upwards, the spirit of the Navy family will stick with me throughout this journey."

When 3SG Ho Jun Hean started out BMT in NDU, he felt disappointed achieving "only a pass" for the first IPPT. He also struggled to keep up with the strength training exercises.

Undaunted, and fuelled by his personal strive for excellence, Jun Hean resolved to train harder. His buddy and batch mates also rallied around him and motivated him to do better.

He recalled a particularly memorable training session when he and his batch mates had to do planking exercises. To overcome the physical demands and motivate each other not to give up, they started singing "Home" by Kit Chan. "It was then when I felt that the people beside me are my brothers," he shared.