Being a Leader in the Navy

17 Jul 20

(Caption of photo above) "It was challenging going through the course in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but what pushed me on to persevere, was knowing that I was not alone in this journey. I'm thankful for the love and encouragement that each and everyone of the ASC graduates demonstrated throughout the course."

Quiet and shy, ME2 Michael Teo (pictured right) was pushed out of his comfort zone when he had to coordinate with various commanders to organise a symposium as class president. His course achievements are also celebrated by his wife and daughter, who are his pillars of strength, especially during his long deployments at sea.

"I hope to be a better leader to my subordinates, using the things I have learnt in this course to ensure they learn well from their mistakes and grow from them."

Bravo Zulu ME2 Teo for achieving the Top Graduate award for the course! Congratulations and all the best for your future appointments.



"To be motivated leaders, building strong camaraderie through respect and professionalism."

This is what the class of 17/20 Advanced Specialisation Course held dear to their hearts, as 28 of them graduated last Thursday in a virtual graduation ceremony. 

Through the course, they learned more about what it means to be a leader in the navy, while forming strong bonds that would carry them through the rest of their career. Let’s hear from a few of them about what they have to say. 

Graduation for 17/20 ASC was conducted virtually to ensure the safety of our commanders and graduates.

Graduation for 17/20 ASC was conducted virtually to ensure the safety of our commanders and graduates.

Leading men and nurturing them is not unfamiliar to ME3 Go Kwok Pin (pictured right), as he had spent 11 years serving aboard a frigate before becoming a Marine Systems instructor at the Naval Military Experts Institute.

"I always have this great sense of achievement and satisfaction when I see young sailors progressing in their careers in the Navy."

Coming to the course, ME3 Go learnt how to think deeper about issues pertaining to training and nurturing his men, and also about making sound decisions as a leader in his field. He attributes his successes not only to his family back home, but also to his family in the navy.

"It was never too difficult for me to want to turn up for work, knowing that I will get to see my friends who are willing to work together hand in hand to solve problems together. The teamwork and unity ensures that we accomplish any task given to us professionally and safely."

Congratulations ME3 Go for achieving the Distinguished Graduate award, all the best as you continue to inspire future generations! 

ME2 Kevin Chia's journey in the navy has not been easy. An injury during his tour on one of our landing ships tank put a temporary stop to his passion of serving aboard our ships.

However, with the support of his wife and three children, he worked hard to recover by exercising regularly. He also put in additional effort during courses to make up for his lack of shipboard experience. Through these efforts, ME2 Chia is now ready to be redeployed back to ship.

"Graduating from ASC was a tremendous affirmation and recognition of the journey I have been through thus far. I love the Navy, I love the people whom I serve for and serve with, and I hope to inspire the future generations to serve their nation with passion."

We honour your fighting spirit ME2 Chia, and wish you all the best!

"There were many people who inspired me throughout my journey in the navy. One such person was my previous unit's coxswain. He demonstrated great care for his men by walking the ground to ensure he understood what were the key issues, even spending time with us outside the workplace to ensure we were doing fine."

This was what inspired ME2 Tan Chai Cheong to continue serving as a future leader in the RSN. With the support of his family, ME2 Tan will be assuming a new posting in Naval Logistics Command, where he will continue to hone his technical expertise to prepare him for his future appointment aboard ship.

"I am looking forward to leading a team, so that I can do for the future generation what the previous generation did for me".

Bravo Zulu ME2 Tan!