Strengthened Partnership

08 Oct 20

(Caption of photo above) Our Formidable-class frigate RSS Supreme conducting Underway Replenishment (UNREP) with replenishment oil USNS Henry J Kaiser during this year's Rim of the Pacific Exercise off Hawaii.



Our Chief of Navy RADM Aaron Beng met with the U.S. Navy's Chief of Naval Operations ADM Mike Gilday over a video conference this morning. 

The two leaders expressed their confidence in the strength of our partnership, with both navies sustaining a steady cadence of professional interactions over the last few months. This is testament to the unique and long-standing relationship built over many years of close cooperation, underpinned by mutual trust and shared values.

This year, both navies conducted a passage exercise in May, and the RSN deployed a frigate RSS Supreme to the US-led multinational Rim of the Pacific Exercise off Hawaii. We look forward to meeting at sea again in Dec for the bilateral Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training exercise.