Keeping Our Ships Fighting Fit

08 May 20

(Caption of photo above) ME3 Lim's team and the other SSEC teams continue to work tirelessly with the ships across the navy. While safe distancing measures dictate that they have to work in smaller numbers, they remain committed to their mission of keeping the navy's ships fighting fit!



Many vehicle owners understand the importance of maintaining their vehicles in tiptop shape - it keeps them safe and prolongs their lifespan. This philosophy also applies to our ships!

To keep our ships fighting fit, engineering teams from the Ship Superintending Engineering Centre (SSEC), Force Generation Squadron (FGS) work tirelessly to schedule and supervise every ship's planned maintenance programme. 

They had to make significant adjustments due to the circuit breaker measures and adapted their plans to ensure readiness of our ships.

BZ to all of our SSEC teams! 

While the implementation of circuit breaker measures posed challenges to their original timeline, ME3 Lim Jack Nam and his team took it in their stride and adjusted their plans. To keep the maintenance programmes on track, they worked extra hours on weekdays, and continued through the weekends and public holidays.

"It is a temporary sacrifice. We're trying to keep on track so that the navy will not face a gap down the road, especially after we lift the circuit breaker measures. It is a sacrifice, but it is essential and it's worth it." - ME3 Lim (Lead Superintendent of one of the many SSEC teams)

Spending extended time at work during this time is not easy. ME3 Lim and his team are grateful that their family members are supportive, and for taking care of the family in their absence. They also savour the moments when they go home to spend time with their loved ones.

"During this time, I am also more aware of the need to stay safe and protect my children when I go home. My boys would usually run to hug me, but I keep telling them that we have to wait, not until I take a shower and change out of my work clothes," shares ME3 Lim.

[Picture taken before ME3 Lim left home for work]