Doing Their Part for the Nation

08 Jun 20

(Caption of photo above) MAJ (Dr) Matthew Yeo (pictured second from the left) is one of the NS doctors who came back for his yearly ICT to contribute in the fight against COVID-19. MAJ (Dr) Yeo had previously been deployed on medical missions for previous ICTs, including overseas deployments with the navy to provide medical aid to other countries. When he was called up for ICT this year, he saw it as an opportunity to contribute to the nation's effort to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on to hear his thoughts about staying safe at the frontlines.



Our Navy Medical Service (NMS) NSMen doctors and medics joined their regular counterparts to support MOH at the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. As part of their yearly in-camp training (ICT), they treated and cared for COVID-19 patients at the Community Care Facility (CCF) at the Singapore Expo. 

We salute all of our NSmen who have contributed in this time of need.

BZ to all!

Prior to his ICT, MAJ (Dr) Yeo made arrangements at work to take care of his patients so that he could ensure that they had a smooth recovery in his absence.

"One of the concerns that we had coming into this ICT was to reassure our families and employers that we would be safe at the frontlines. The SAF planned comprehensive measures to ensure that we are tested and declared 'covid-free' before going back to work."

Together with their NSF and Regular counterparts, our NSmen doctors and medics' shared responsibilities at the Singapore Expo CCF included screening incoming admissions and ensuring that the patients receive appropriate treatment.

They worked tirelessly in shifts alongside their other counterparts from partner agencies.

Our NSman medic performing medical care for a COVID-19 patient.

Our NSman medic performing medical care for a COVID-19 patient.