Nurturing the Future Generation

03 Mar 20

"One day, this will all be yours." 

In the RSN, we firmly believe in nurturing the future generation because they will inherit the navy from us one day. 

The Midshipman Sea Training Deployment (MSTD) is just one of the many opportunities where our seasoned sailors sail out with the midshipmen, and teach them about shipboard life and what it means to be sons (and daughters) of the sea! Here are some snippets of our midshipmen's reflections on what they've learnt!

"During the towing and replenishment at sea practicals, Weapon Systems Chief ME2 Edmel Arollado showed us the ropes - literally and figuratively! He patiently helped the entire way. His professionalism gave me the confidence to execute our tasks fearlessly. Actions truly speak louder than words, and his years of experience shows through when he guides us." - MID Donavan Bay

"Being new on board, there were many things that we were unfamiliar with. Fortunately, the ship crew were there to guide us through our challenges, especially ME2 Edmel Arollado. He was always patient to teach us something new. He also shared that there is always something new that can be learnt on board everyday. His example inspires me to stay curious and hungry to pick up new knowledge." - MID Rachel Seah

"During our firefighting and damage control (FFDC) lessons on board, Electrical & Control Systems Supervisor ME2 Lim Wei Jun taught us how to take charge of all the FFDC actions from the control centre. We essentially had to be the "brain" of the ship. After putting us through various FFDC scenarios, we learnt how the teams manage fire and flooding situations on board." - MID Rosa Maria Consigliere

"It was definitely tough to keep track of all the FFDC updates flowing in during a few exercise scenarios. But thanks to the help of ME2 Lim Wei Jun, I learnt how to think on a macro level, and this helped me to stay calm and better manage the situation. He was there every step of the way. Because of him, I am inspired to be a competent and capable Naval Officer." - MID Fernando Chan