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National Service and Total Defence form the cornerstone of Singapore's continued stability and prosperity. The support from businesses, employers and the wider community towards National Service and Total Defence is recognised through NS Mark.

It is a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses and organisations with policies and human resource practices that support National Service and Total Defence.

The Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD) was instrumental in developing the accreditation scheme through extensive consultations between MINDEF, the Singapore Armed Forces and the various stakeholder groups.



With the NS Mark recipients leading the way in the community, their commitment and conviction will inspire fellow businesses and organisations within the community to step forward as well and pledge their support for National Service.

Recipients of the NS Mark (Gold), who have implemented policies and practices that support National Service and Total Defence, are our flag bearers within the community in supporting our National Servicemen to better balance their family, work and National Service commitments.


There are two tiers of accreditation, the NS Mark and the NS Mark (Gold).

Businesses and organisations that pledge their commitment and sign the Declaration of Support for National Service and Total Defence may attain the NS Mark. Those with a higher level of support that have implemented policies and human resource practices that support National Service and Total Defence may progress to attain the NS Mark (Gold).

Recipients of the NS Mark (Gold) who have demonstrated exemplary support for National Service and Total Defence will be considered for the prestigious NS Advocate Award.

  • NS Mark: On attaining the NS Mark, you will receive a Declaration of Support Certificate as well as the complimentary use of NS Mark logo on your corporate and marketing collaterals. Your company or organisation’s accreditation status will be reflected on the NS Mark website. There may also be opportunities for you to be invited for networking events, where available.

  • NS Mark (Gold): With the NS Mark (Gold), on top of the benefits accorded to NS Mark recipients, you will also receive an NS Mark (Gold) certificate. You may also invited to participate in career fairs organised by MINDEF and MHA. Being recognised as an Employer of Choice, NS Mark (Gold) recipients may also enjoy opportunities to be featured by MINDEF and MHA as role models who share and promote pro-NS policies and practices. With NS Mark (Gold) accreditation, your company or organization will also qualify for consideration for Total Defence Awards (TDA).
How to be Accredited


To apply for the NS Mark, businesses and organisations will need to commit and make a declaration towards supporting National Service and Total Defence. One click is all it takes to apply.


  • We will honour and uphold our duty as employers of NSmen as laid out in the Enlistment Act (Cap 93, Part VI).
  • We will recognise and appreciate the skills acquired and values inculcated in our NSmen through National Service.
  • We will actively support our NSmen to manage their National Service commitments.
  • We will readily commit our civil assets and services in support of Total Defence and support our nation in national crises or emergencies.


When businesses and organisations apply for the NS Mark (Gold), they will have to indicate the types of policies, practices or advocacy efforts that they have that support National Service and Total Defence.

Once submitted, MINDEF will review the NS Mark (Gold) application and assess the extent and effectiveness of the support and the advocacy efforts that have been put in place.

The NS Mark (Gold) accreditation will be awarded when the prevailing criteria have been met.

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