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Careers & Internships
Discover a different line of defence as a Defence Executive Officer (DXO)
Myriad opportunities await you in various job functions, such as corporate communications, defence policy, finance, HR, IT, psychology, and more. Make defence your line of work; embark on an exciting career that suits your interest and aptitude!
Lead, Serve and Defend
Is leading the nation’s defence your calling? If so, consider a MINDEF/SAF Scholarship. You'll receive opportunities to learn at the best universities around the world, preparing you for the future challenges of command & leadership.
Diverse Roles. Many Strengths
A career with Our Army calls for individuals to possess different strengths in mind, body and heart. It also calls for a single-minded, unwavering sense of purpose to safe guard Singapore. What you do is fulfilling and meaningful – never deskbound.
Our Everyday is Defending Yours
Join us in our mission of defending Singapore’s vital sea lanes as a Naval Officer, Naval Warfare System Engineer, Naval Warfare System Expert or Naval Diver. Challenge yourself and go further with a career in the Navy!
Air Force
RSAF & You. Limitless Together.
With scholarships, training and opportunities for skills development, you will discover a rewarding career that turns your passion into a profession. Join us in defending our nation as guardians of the skies. The RSAF & You. Limitless together.
Winning the cyber and information battlespace
The SAF Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) community brings together Intelligence, C4 units and personnel from across the SAF. Join us in our mission to transform the SAF into a networked and knowledge-enabled force!
Volunteer and Play Your Part in National Defence
The SAF Volunteer Corps is a uniformed volunteer scheme that allows more Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to contribute to National Defence, support NS and deepen their understanding and ownership of National Defence. Join us and play your part!