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IPPT Incentive Awards

Based on your total IPPT score, you may receive incentives for the following IPPT awards:

Award type Incentive
Gold $500
Silver $300
Pass with Incentive $200

You may take your IPPT multiples times in your IPPT Window. If you get a higher score and award in your subsequent attempts, your incentive will be topped up to the corresponding amount of that award.


You received $200 for achieving a Pass with Incentive during your first IPPT attempt. You decide to re-take the test and attained the Gold award. You will now be paid an additional $300 on top of the $200 that you previously received.



  • You must be eligible to take IPPT
  • You must attain the award criteria within your IPPT Window



You will receive your IPPT incentive award at least 14 days after the date of your IPPT. The incentive will be automatically credited into the bank account number that you had provided to MINDEF. If there are any changes in your bank account details, it is your responsibility to update them via Update My Profile on the NS Portal before filing a claim. Any changes to your personal information will take up to 3 working days to be reflected in the system.