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NS Excellence Award (NSEA)

The NSEA recognises good performance during In-Camp Training (ICT) or NS training courses by awarding servicemen with at least $100 cash credits. Recipients of the National Day Award (NDA) and SAF/Formation NSmen of the Year Award will also qualify for the NSEA.


Eligibility and credit entitlement

Eligibility conditions and the corresponding credit entitlements are as follows:

Eligible groups Entitlement
NDA recipients $200 NSEA cash credits
SAF NSmen of the Year Award recipients
Formation NSmen of the Year Award recipients
Top 10% of performers during ICT and training courses $200 NSEA cash credits
Next 20% of performers during ICT and training courses $100 NSEA cash credits

You will also be presented with a congratulatory letter by your commanders at the end of your ICT or training course.

The NSEA replaced the Family Recognition Voucher (FRV) scheme on 1 April 2016.


Notification and redemption

You will be notified via an SMS sent to your registered mobile number once your NSEA cash credits have been disbursed into your e-wallet via the LifeSG mobile application.

You can spend your cash credits at any online/physical merchants accepting payment by “Scan and Pay” via PayNow UEN QR or NETS QR, by accessing the ‘Benefits and Support’ module of the LifeSG mobile application. Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store at: Please do not download the app from third-party sites.

You have 12 months to utilise your NSEA cash credits. The expiry date can be found under your ‘Transaction History’ in the LifeSG mobile application.


For more information, please refer to the FAQs.

If you do not receive an SMS after 5 weeks of receiving your congratulatory letter, please call the NS Hotline at 1800-eNSNSNS (1800-3676767) or e-mail us at