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Recognition for Completion of ORNS

Upon completion of your ORNS training cycle and meeting the eligibility criteria listed below, you will receive the following:

If you have You will receive
Completed 6 HK ICTs and 10 ORNS years

SAF National Service Medal 
National Service Gift Watch

Completed 7 HK ICTs and 10 ORNS years

Certificate of Appreciation (COA)

Letter of Completion (LOC)

Commandos and Naval Divers will receive the National Service Gift Watch upon completion of their ORNS training cycle.


For Singapore Permanent Residents who complete their ORNS training cycle and are phased into MINDEF Reserve (MR), they will be given the ORNS Completion Award since they are not eligible for NS HOME Awards. A one-time incentive award of $300 will be credited into their CPF account.



You will receive these recognition initiatives during your ICT. It may also be given out as part of your MR Parade or at an awards ceremony.

If you did not receive these recognition initiatives after you have completed your ORNS training cycle, you can verify with your NS administration unit whether you have met the required criteria.