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MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance

The MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance scheme provides life and personal injury insurance coverage for all NSmen. It is categorised into Core and Voluntary Schemes.


Core Scheme

The Core Scheme automatically covers you while you are attending ORNS activities during the terms of your service.

Sum assured
  • $300,000 Group Term Life (GTL) Policy
  • $300,000 Group Personal Injury (GPI) Policy
Extent of coverage The insurance provides coverage in the event of death, Total Permanent Disability (TPD) and Permanent Dismemberment (PD).Your coverage is not subject to underwriting (risk assessment), which means your pre-existing medical conditions are also covered
Cost Your premiums will be paid for by MINDEF/MHA


Voluntary Scheme

You can also opt for more coverage above the Core Scheme, or insure your dependants by purchasing additional coverage under the Voluntary Scheme with Singapore Life Ltd (Singlife). The insurance premiums are priced competitively. The purchase of additional coverage under the Voluntary Scheme is a personal decision and made on a voluntary basis. The Voluntary Scheme will continue to be in force as long as you pay the premiums, even after you leave service. The terms and conditions of the Voluntary Scheme are administered by Singlife. You will need to liaise directly with Singlife on the application for and any claims under the Voluntary Scheme. 



To apply, and for the latest eligibility criteria, coverage, and features of the Voluntary Scheme, visit Singlife's page for more information.