High on love

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28 Jun 2016 | PEOPLE
Melayu 华文

High on love

STORY // Benita Teo
PHOTO // Mark Teo
English Melayu

Captain (CPT) Jonathan Lau and Major (MAJ) (Dr) Magdalene Lee both agree that their official "how we began dating" story started with coffee. More specifically, "sympathy coffee," as CPT Lau called it.

Rolling her eyes in mock annoyance, MAJ (Dr) Lee said: "He was just being very persistent in asking me for coffee lah, so difficult to decline."

These days, the couple juggle their time between wedding preparations and their jobs in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

CPT Lau sees to the capability development of the RSAF's counter-air operations. "What's interesting is that, as a fighter pilot, I get to fly what I develop -- training manuals for ACC. It's a very rare chance to see the full cycle."

Meanwhile, MAJ (Dr) Lee works on policies governing medical operations at medical centres in peacetime and war. Last October, she flew with the Singapore contingent to Sumatra, Indonesia, to assist in multinational firefighting efforts. "We were quite anxious for the crew because they flew over fires and into the smoke. And when they came back, they were all ashen-faced. But no one complained; they all pressed on and took care of one another."

Come 11 Jun, the couple will be tying the knot. Last May, MAJ (Dr) Lee said "yes" to CPT Lau a second time, when he asked her to marry him on a yacht in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

And to think it all started with a cup of coffee.

Captain Jonathan Lau and Major (Dr) Magdalene Lee re-enacting a "Descendants Of The Sun" pose at the recent RSAF Open House.
Photo credit: CPT Lei Fenghang