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Maritime Nation, Maritime Force

Singapore is a maritime nation and the seas are our lifeline. The Republic of Singapore Navy is our nation's first line of defence. As the maritime force for our maritime nation, we protect Singapore's sea lines of communication and contribute to regional peace and security.

Be Part of the Team

Grit. Guts. Smarts. Strength. You will need all this and more to join our ranks. Learn more about what the Navy can offer you, and explore which career will broaden your horizons. 

Inside the LMV: Episode 1 Designing the Future

Colossal oil tankers, futuristic simulation labs and realistic wave pools in Europe — the quest for a ship perfectly designed to meet Singapore’s needs takes an experienced sailor to exciting and unchartered waters.

Our Vessels, Weapons and Bases

From patrolling stormy seas to slipping stealthily beneath its waves, these are the assets we employ to keep Singapore safe — and the bases they call home.

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