Driven by passion and bound by duty, our people are our greatest asset

Naval Officers

An all-round leader and strategist in Singapore’s maritime defence, the Naval Officer commands sophisticated warships, submarines and naval aircraft while inspiring brave men and women of the Navy family in defending the everyday of Singapore. A highly rewarding journey begins here. 

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Naval Warfare System Engineers

Armed with deep and always up-to-date engineering expertise, the Naval Warfare System Engineer keeps the Navy’s ships, systems and weapons primed for action. Embark on overseas missions, unleash your engineering potential and be at the forefront of naval technology. 

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Naval Warfare System Experts

Working with the some of the world’s most advanced naval platforms, the Naval Warfare System Expert ensures that our ships are combat-ready at all times. The readiness of vital systems aboard the Navy’s warships, submarines, unmanned vessels and naval aircraft depends on you.

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Naval Divers

Trained to be part of an elite fighting force in the Navy, the Naval Diver is equipped with unbeatable endurance, razor-sharp skills and cutting-edge weaponry to pull off highly specialised operations in the harshest of conditions. Be part of an elite force that safeguards our sea lanes and beyond. 

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Military Medical Experts (Underwater)

Responsible for saving lives during operations in high-pressured underwater environments, the Military Medical Expert (Underwater) plays an indispensable role in every naval mission.

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Naval Chefs

At sea, your culinary expertise will play a key role in supporting and boosting the morale of the men and women in the Navy. Take your culinary skills to the high seas as a Naval Chef aboard the Navy’s vessels.

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