Fact Sheet: Digital Defence Collaterals by Nexus

Fact Sheet: Digital Defence Collaterals by Nexus

Digital Defence will be incorporated into Nexus' ongoing efforts to enhance public awareness and understanding of Total Defence. These currently include the examples listed below.

(i)    The Total Defence 2019 campaign poster (A3 size). In partnership with Singapore Press Holdings and its creative and content marketing unit called Sweet, the TD2019 Poster is designed as an extension of last year's "Where's Wally"- styled puzzle. It features the many ways in which Singaporeans can put Digital Defence and the other five pillars of Total Defence into action in our daily lives. The new list of actions and a black and white version for colouring activities are available for download on the Total Defence Website www.totaldefence.sg from 15 February onwards.

(ii)    N.E.mation!. Through this annual digital animation competition, students and youths submitted clips that are relevant to Digital Defence. These clips were amplified through screenings on TV, in cinemas and on online platforms. Nexus will continue to tap on the next season of N.E.mation! to increase awareness of Digital Defence and Total Defence. 

(iii)    GOTC II. The newly refreshed Total Defence strategy card game "Guardians of the City II (GOTC II)" includes the introduction of the new Digital Defence pillar, refreshed game mechanism and new scenarios and actions that individuals and communities can take to keep Singapore secure against threats from the digital domain, such as cyber threats and online falsehoods. The card game was distributed to all secondary two students before Total Defence Day 2019 and it will be incorporated into the Total Defence programme for Uniformed Groups. 

(iv)    Minister for Defence's Total Defence Day Video Message. The Minister for Defence's Total Defence Day 2019 video message will also talk about the evolving threat landscape and why we need Digital Defence as the sixth pillar of Total Defence.

The collaterals listed above are provided for the media's reference. 

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