Home Away From Home In Peace Vanguard

Home Away From Home In Peace Vanguard

Our Peace Vanguard (PV) detachment celebrated it’s 20th anniversary recently, and this achievement was only made possible by our team of dedicated aircrew and ground crew over the years. 

ME2 Wong Young Tat was one of the Air Force Engineers who have been deployed there to train and sharpen their operational competencies. As an armament specialist, ME2 Wong will arm our AH-64D Apache helicopters with munitions, so that our aircrew can conduct live firing trainings. The access to vast training area, digitised live firing ranges, and the opportunity to participate in multilateral exercises allowed our airmen and women to benchmark their capabilites and learn from other militaries. Such experiences are difficult to replicate, especially in Singapore with our much smaller airspace. 

Of course, the experience of being deployed and to live overseas is also hard to replicate. More so when you move abroad with your family. ME2 Wong, his wife and three kids have moved to Tucson, USA since he was being deployed in PV detachment.

A great family bonding time while exploring the nature.

Moving abroad was definitely not an easy decision, but his wife felt that quality family time is very important, especially for the kids. They never regretted the decision to move, as they now got to stay and spend more time together, and share joy and laughter in every little thing they do. It has definitely helped to build stronger family ties and happy childhood for the kids. They also feel very blessed to be given a chance to go to PV as a family, and got to try out new things together in their free time. 

“We go hiking in the state parks, the kids enjoy walking on natural trails and we can explore the beauty of nature together. It's a new and different experience for all of us. We truly enjoy exploring the journey together as a family."

Celebrating Singapore’s National Day away from home.

Even though they are far away from home, personnel in the PV detachment are closely knitted. They have formed a community that they can call a family and home, where they are always helping and looking out for each other. 

“We will also share happy times together such as celebrating Singapore festivals like Deepavali, Lunar New Year. It's just like having our extended family here which make us feel at home.”

Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival!

Dressing up for Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Thank you to all our dedicated personnel who have made sacrifices to move abroad. Wishing everyone blue skies always!