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Our Value In Peace
24/7 Air Defence

The RSAF responds to potential air threats with a robust 24/7 networked air defence system. Constantly monitoring the skies over Singapore, our Island Air Defence system enables us to respond swiftly and decisively to these potential air threats.

Search and Rescue

The RSAF is always on 24/7 standby, ready to respond swiftly to life-saving missions at a moment’s notice. Our Rescue 10 Search and Rescue Helicopter is often scrambled to evacuate personnel who require immediate medical attention to hospitals. It has also evacuated patients from onboard civilian vessels in the vicinity of Singapore.

Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief

The RSAF has participated in numerous Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief operations at both regional and international levels. They are usually carried out in the aftermath of large-scale natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons and floods. HADR operations are carried out to provide assistance to the affected state to relieve the suffering of victims and also to assist in their rehabilitation efforts.

Peace Support

Singapore takes our international responsibilities and commitments seriously. We seek to contribute, within our means and in useful ways, towards multinational efforts to maintain international security. Given the common threat posed by transnational security challenges, Singapore's participation in overseas operations also helps to enhance our own security.

Over the years, the RSAF has participated in various Peace Support Operations, such as for Counter Terrorism, Counter-Piracy, Reconstruction, and Peacekeeping missions.