My Air Force Story - ME4 Chuang Tze Shiung

My Air Force Story - ME4 Chuang Tze Shiung

ME4 Chuang Tze Shiung signed on with the RSAF as a Senior Technician after completing his Basic Military Training (BMT) on 14 Dec 03. He aspired to be an Officer during his time in BMT as he desired to make a difference in the lives of the people around him. He soon realised his goal of becoming an Officer through sheer perseverance. ME4 Chuang first started off as an Engine Specialist working on the F-16D+ aircraft. Through his hard work and tenacity, ME4 Chuang achieved stellar grades and had an outstanding performance in the Senior Technician course, which led to him being awarded the Certificate of Merit as a trainee. His superiors also picked up his potential, and he was offered the opportunity to be converted to an Air Maintenance Officer.

As he moved on to the next phase of his career as an Officer Cadet in Officer Cadet School, ME4 Chuang developed a stronger sense of leadership and commitment to national defence. Upon commissioning in 2006, ME4 Chuang was posted to 149 SQN as DY OC Logistics. Although he found the learning curve to be steep as he was expected to pick up the managerial and engineering skills of a different aircraft platform, the F-5 fighter aircraft, he was fortunate to have his seniors as mentors who showed him the ropes on how to better manage a Logistics Flight in the flying SQNs. After his first stint at Paya Lebar Air Base, ME4 Chuang was posted to Tengah Air Base as the DY OC Logistics in 143 SQN. He continued to strive for excellence and made significant contributions to the SQN’s PRoductivity and Innovation in Daily Efforts (PRIDE) movement. As recognition for his efforts and job well done, ME4 Chuang was awarded the prestigious F-16 fighter aircraft Incentive Flight, which most people only dared to dream of.

Recognising the role in which the RSAF played in his development, ME4 Chuang said, “The RSAF has provided me with ample opportunities to realise my potential in innovation and facilitation skills through the various training workshops. I am deeply grateful for the recognition and award given which I hope to inspire more PRIDE activists to drive innovation within the organisation.”

ME4 Chuang’s desire for continuous learning never ceases. He took up the SAF Part-Time Degree sponsorship to further upgrade his skills and knowledge and pursued a part-time degree in Psychology with Business at SIM University. He explained the reason why he took up this course, “As a SQN Flight Commander, other than ensuring the serviceability of the aircraft, it is equally important to manage the morale and psychological state of your men. The opportunity to further my studies in the field of psychology helped to enrich my knowledge and allowed me to learn useful skills which I can apply at work to realise my men’s full potential and motivate them to give their 100%.”

In 2013, ME4 Chuang was given the opportunity to go on a twoyear detachment to Peace Carvin II in Luke Air Force Base, Phoenix, Arizona. During the two years, ME4 Chuang had the opportunity to participate in major exercises such as Exercise Forging Sabre, Exercise Combat Archer, Red Flag Nellis and Red Flag Alaska. These exercises allowed him to work alongside with both servicemen and women from the SAF, as well as the United States Air Force. The overseas posting broadened his horizon and provided him the opportunity to train with some of the best in the world.

During the overseas posting, ME4 Chuang facilitated two Work Improvement Team Scheme projects, which were recognised at a national level. One of the projects included the “Review of Main Fuel Gear Pump Replacement Procedure”, which helped enhanced the RSAF operational readiness significantly by improving the engine recovery rate by 54% or seven man hours. His team was awarded Gold for both presentations during the Team Excellence Assessment by Singapore Productivity Association. His outstanding leadership and contributions towards the PRIDE movement in 2016 earned the first ever Minister for Defence Award (Innovation) Combat for Fighter Group, Air Combat Command, which led him to achieve the PS21 ExCEL Innovation Champion (Bronze) award as the sole winner in SAF.

Through his journey, ME4 Chuang has shown that dreams can be achieved with determination and perseverance. From a young specialist to a promising Officer, ME4 Chuang looks forward to making a greater difference in the RSAF.